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    A Ph.D. after a master’s degree is an option which many students opt for every year. There are also teachers who are looking to become an assistant professor in colleges or universities. For both these purposes, the University Grants Commission has made it mandatory to qualify the NTA NET exams. Zenith Education is the leading coaching centre, if you are a candidate looking for UGC NET History Coaching.

    Zenith Education provides a one-stop solution for you. These examinations are designed in a way to test your general aptitude as an academician as well as to gauge the grasp of the knowledge of your specific subject. If you are a candidate who is aspiring to clear UGC NET, then you need to be aware of the examination as a whole, the question pattern and be thorough with both papers.

    About UGC NET:

    The University Grants Commission, more commonly known by its abbreviation UGC, is responsible every year to conduct an exam for declaring the eligibility of students to apply for a Ph.D. or the post of an assistant professor. UGC is also responsible for the selection of candidates who are eligible to receive the Junior Research Fellowship or the JRF, which is a stipend allotted to Ph.D. candidates to fund their research.

    Previously UGC was responsible for the conduction of the NET. The test was comprised of multiple choice type questions, and there were three papers in all— a general aptitude paper and two papers on the respective subject. In recent times, the examinations have been handed over to the National Testing Agency or the NTA who have altered the way the examinations are conducted.

    Important Highlights

    1. In revised syllabus of UGC NET History, we can see regional History Part is increased and if we have a look at the exam paper it is clear that now more questions will be asked from these topics.
    2. In the new syllabus, the questions related to Research topic have also increased and this is the topic from which questions are increasing continuously. Therefore, these topics can be covered by those teachers only who are in touch with the research section.
    3. If we see recent papers of UGC NET History we can see the nature of questions is conceptual as well as factual. Such questions can be solved only after better understanding and deep study.
    4. Questions related to statement-reason or true/false are increasing gradually. We can’t solve such questions by cramming only. Detail study and comparative Analysis is the most important to succeed.

    The Necessity of UGC NET History Coaching:

    Qualifying for the UGC NET is not an easy task. It requires patience, constant practice, and dedicated time investment to get through. Let us look at why you might consider taking UGC NET History coaching.

    The new pattern of the NTA NET comprises of two papers, the first being the general aptitude paper consisting of fifty questions, while the second paper is the subject paper which has a hundred questions.

    General Aptitude Paper:

    • The first paper or the general aptitude paper is designed specifically to test your general problem-solving skills, along with your understanding of the way the academic circle works.
    • The paper aims at testing your grasp of basic subjects like Mathematics and English.
    • The paper is designed in a way that tests your skills of comprehension.
    • In this paper, you are judged on your understanding of teaching techniques and research methodologies.
    • Your knowledge of the environment and its conservation is also analysed in this paper.

    Subject Paper:

    • The subject paper or the second paper is designed in a way that tests your knowledge of the subject paper, like History.
    • In this paper, you have to answer questions which are based on the syllabus provided by the UGC on its website.
    • Your performance in this paper evaluates the depth of your knowledge in the subject for which you would be appointed as an assistant professor or conduct your Ph.D. research.

    Why should you consider UGC NET History Coaching?

    Now that we have an understanding of how the NET is conducted let us look at the top reasons why you should consider attending coaching classes for qualifying in this exam.

    1. Preparation:

      The preparation for NET is quite different from the regular studies at the graduation or the master’s level. The syllabi for the subject papers are usually pretty extensive, and it encompasses almost every topic possible. Couple that with an equally vast scope of questions that could be posed from the first paper often renders regular preparations futile.

    2. Equal Importance To Both Papers:

      Often, when preparing for the examination by yourself, you can tend to focus more on one paper and neglect the other. This can prove harmful as both papers are equally important, and you need a minimum of 30% score in both papers. Coaching centres usually have highly trained teachers who not only help you grasp the subject but also help you to be exam ready.

    3. Mock Exam Facilities:

      The NET is a time-bound examination. Such an examination needs quick solving of problems and answering questions. It also needs the practice of time management and handling exam pressure. A lot of students who have prepared all year round to fail to perform in the examination centre as they are not able to handle the stress. NTA NET is also conducted online, which means as a student, you should be accustomed to answering questions online. A coaching centre can help you get a feel of the examination by going through a series of mock examinations.

    4. Doubt Clearing:

      It is not merely enough to study for the test. UGC NET in Central India is a very conceptual exam, and you must have all concepts cleared before you appear for your examination. A coaching centre can provide you with the requisite doubt clearing session, which can help you qualify for the exam.

    Why Choose Zenith Education For UGC NET History Coaching?

    Zenith Education provides dedicated services to its students to help them qualify for NET. With its team of experienced teachers, Zenith Education provides regular classes to NET aspirants and helps them prepare in the best way possible to be able to clear the NET exams.

    Zenith Education helps its students with a one-stop academic destination for qualifying NET. Zenith Education also provides to its students updated and detailed study materials which are published by Zenith Point Publishers. Study materials cover topics on both papers and are written in a way that it makes it ay for students to remember the contents of each page very easily which can earn them good scores in the UGC NET.

    Qualifying for the NET can be a life-altering achievement, and therefore, it deserves the best possible training available. With UGC NET History Coaching, qualifying the examination can become significantly easier and can help you embark upon a productive career.