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    Every year, thousands of students all over the country decide to get a doctorate. Many students who have completed their master’s degree also seek employment as a professor at a college or a university.

    For both these purposes, it has now become mandatory for candidates to qualify the National Eligibility Test or NET. UGC NET Political Science Coaching can help you qualify NET and achieve a career as an academician.

    To be considered eligible for the post of an associate professor or a doctoral candidate, it is imperative that you qualify the NET examination. Before delving into the preparation of the examination, it is important to know about the exam in detail.

    About UGC NET:

    The University Grants Commission, which is more commonly known by its acronym UGC, is responsible for the selection of eligible candidates for admission to Ph.D. programs in universities across the country. The University Grants Commission conducts NET every year to judge the eligibility of students for Ph.D. programs.

    The top 6% of students who clear a certain cut off also become eligible for the Junior Research Fellowship (or the JRF). This is an allowance granted to Ph.D. scholars who are conducting their research.

    Job seekers and academicians who wish to apply for the post of assistant professor in different colleges and universities across the country against vacancies must also be a NET-qualified candidate.

    Though there are other parameters which vary from college to college and university to university regarding the eligibility of an applicant, the qualification of NET has been made mandatory by the UGC to set a standard of academic performance amongst professors in colleges and universities.

    Until recently, the UGC was solely responsible for the conduction of the NET and declaring results, and handing out fellowships. However, in recent times, the UGC has handed over the responsibility of conducting the examinations to the National Testing Agency (or the NTA).

    NTA has significantly changed the exam patterns in recent years, and the UGC has introduced changes into the syllabi of different subjects.

    Important Highlights

    1. Special focus should be on theories as well as contemporary politics.
    2. Comparative study is more important for better understanding and to make the subject more interesting.
    3. Students should prepare for UGC NET Political Science exam as per the demand of new syllabus, and that approach should be developed to identify the questions.
    4. New Syllabus of UGC NET Political Science is focused on Social Justice and contemporary issues of India as well as the World. So better understanding of these topics along with traditional theories and thinking is very important.
    5. New Syllabus of UGC NET includes maximum part of college lecturer, school lecturer, Pre Ph.D. kind of exam. Here we provide integrated preparation of all these competitive exams.

    What is the need for UGC NET Political Science Coaching?

    The NET is a difficult examination to crack and requires different preparation and knowledge of various subjects to qualify. Let us look at the pattern in which the examination is conducted.

    Earlier, the NET comprised of three paper— the first paper or the general aptitude paper and two subject papers, the second and third papers respectively, which was an evaluation of the knowledge of the concerned subject.

    Presently, NTA conducts NET in the flowing pattern. There are two papers:

    The First Paper

    • This is a paper which has general questions.
    • There are fifty questions in all in this paper.
    • The paper judges your basic mathematics and English skills.
    • This paper also determines your problem-solving skills.
    • The paper is designed to evaluate your knowledge of the environment and the current affairs regarding it.
    • The paper is a test of your knowledge of the pedagogical techniques and research methodologies followed in research.

    The Second Paper:

    • This is the subject paper and is specific to each subject.
    • There are one hundred questions in this paper.
    • The paper attempts to evaluate your knowledge about your subject.
    • The paper also tries to verify how aware you are about research that has been going on in your field of study.

    The test comprises of one hundred and fifty questions which you have to solve within three hours. The questions are of a multiple choice answer type, and the examination is conducted online.

    Why should you consider UGC NET Political Science Coaching?

    In a highly competitive arena where thousands of applicants appear each year for the NET, you might consider signing up for coaching of UGC NET in Central India to ensure that you get the desired result. Let us look at the main reasons why you should consider signing up for coaching classes for UGC NET in Political Science.

    1. Organised preparation: With the vast scope of the syllabus for both papers of the exam, it is easy to prepare inadequately or erratically. As a student, it is easy to fixate more on one particular paper or a specific portion of the syllabus. As a result, you might end up with incomplete or inadequate preparation for the exam.

    Signing up for coaching for your NET preparations will help you to prepare systematically for both papers so that your preparation is on point before the examination.

    1. Available help: Preparing for NET on your own can prove difficult some times as you could get bummed out by a particular topic or content. In the rush of preparing for the exam, it is easy to skip out on a crucial part of the syllabus. Also, there can be several parts of your syllabus, which might still be a bit unclear. At a coaching class, you can expect topics to be discussed in detail. You can also get tips on how to solve mathematics problems quickly and easily.
    1. Exam practice: Despite thorough preparations, there are many instances of students “freezing up” in the examination hall and failing to perform. This anxiety or stage fright is a result of nervousness and unfamiliarity with the examination setting. At UGC NET coaching classes, you have the option to take mock exams.

    These mock exams are beneficial as they help improve your time management, gets you into the practice of appearing for an examination, and help you to judge your relative performance in comparison to your peers.

    Why choose Zenith Education for UGC NET Political Science Coaching?

    Zenith Education has tried to provide NET aspirants with the best possible guidance to excel in their careers. Zenith Education conducts coaching classes for UGC NET, which are conducted by highly trained teachers. Also, you get access to high-quality study materials which are provided by Zenith Point Publishers, which are designed especially for an easy and comprehensive understanding of subjects.

    With Zenith Education, qualifying UGC NET can become a walk-in-the-park, and you can have the career of your dreams.