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    Choose The Best Centre For UGC NET Psychology Coaching:

    Zenith Education is one of the most reputed institutions in Jaipur offering coaching for UGC NET to the students. The centre started in the year 1998, and since then we have been offering quality classes to the students for competitive exams. Our teachers are competent in teaching various subjects involved in the course of UGC NET.

    We have special classes for the students who opt for paper Psychology in their NET exams. Our mentors help students to prepare a clear understanding of the subject and offer them quality notes in the classrooms. Overall, the learning experience is so much engaging that students all over Jaipur prefer attending our classes.

    Important Facts About The UGC NET Exams:

    Now, if you are new to the course and planning to take up coaching classes with us, it is important that you know certain facts about the exam. It is the National Eligibility Test (NET) which gets conducted by UGC every year in India. The government here tests the ability of the students who want to take up teaching jobs in India in different colleges and universities.

    The exam is quite a challenging one as several aspirants aim at appearing for it every year. After clearing the exam, the achievers can apply for the post of assistant professor or junior research fellowship in the universities in India. So, if you have always dreamt of achieving a respectable position in society as a teacher or professor, then this is the exam that you must take up.

    Syllabus Covering The UGC NET Exam:

    The exam pattern is quite simple in UGC NET. There are two main papers which the candidates need to prepare for- paper 1 and paper 2. In paper 1, you have no choice of subjects as everything is compulsory and the questions are generic-based. In this section, the basic knowledge of the applicants related to general awareness, mathematical skills, reasoning, etc. gets assessed.

    The paper 2 is purely an elective one where you can choose your subjects while registration. The total marks involved in this paper are 200, and students get 2 hours for it. The entire exam is computer-based, and you need to answer all MCQ questions. The good thing is, there are no negative markings involved in UGC NET exams.

    Why Do You Need UGC NET Psychology Coaching?

    The study of psychology is both an applied and academic discipline. It is the study of mental behaviours and functions of various individuals. It is quite an interesting subject to learn. Many students opt for this paper in their UGC NET exams. However, the main focus of the subject is on concept building. The better you understand the principles, the better hold you get on the paper.

    Our mentors at Zenith Education are specifically experienced in teaching this subject for several years. We conduct interactive sessions in the classrooms for a clear understanding of the students. There is constant communication between the teachers and the students so that no doubt of the students can ever remain unanswered. This teaching methodology makes us one of the most reliable institutes for offering coaching for UGC NET in India.

    The Vital Areas That Get Stressed On In Our UGC NET Psychology Coaching Classes:

    • Cognition
    • Perception
    • Emotion
    • Attention
    • Brain functioning
    • Motivation
    • Interpersonal relationships
    • Phenomenology
    • Psychological resilience

    Preparation Tips For Psychology Suggested By Our Experts At Zenith Education:

    • Students must prepare their summary notes related to each topic discussed in the classes.
    • Every topic in psychology must get equal attention from the students as questions get asked from almost the entire syllabus.
    • Apart from the notes and materials provided by our institute, the teachers also suggest students refer to various websites and blogs for more knowledge on the subject. You can always take help from our mentors for further queries.
    • Weekly revision of all the topics covered in the class is of utmost importance.
    • Solving the MCQs of the psychology paper of the past years must be a vital part of your routine.

    Importance Of Mock Tests:

    The faculty members at Zenith Education always motivate the students to appear for mock tests before they face their actual UGC NET exams. This helps you in time management and also gives you the real feel of competitive exams. Students get to know how they can manage the tough questions within a short time.

    Our mock tests cover every portion of your psychology paper so that you can easily figure out the areas in which you lag. Students can clear their doubts with our mentors after the exams and some additional suggestions as to how they can improve their scores.

    Latest Syllabus Of UGC NET Psychology:

    • Psychology Emergence: This area covers the thought of psychology in the eastern and western systems. The knowledge of paradigms is also involved in this topic.
    • Research Statistics And Methodology: The main topic involved here are dimensions of research, psychological statistics, correlation analysis, and experimental designs.
    • Psychological Testing: Students must know the main areas of testing in psychology, which involves creativity, intelligence, aptitude, interest inventories, etc.
    • Biological Behaviour Of Individuals: Here, you need to study the effects of neurons and sensory systems on the behaviour of people.
    • Perception, Attention, Memory, Leaning, And Forgetting: The basic theories involving each of the topics are a must understand for the students here.
    • Interventions And Human Development: This is another vital part of your syllabus covering various interesting theories.
    • Emerging Areas: Gender issues, self-growth and well-being, peace psychology, and health behaviours are the topics to stress on in this category.

    At Zenith Education, we aim at offering every exam update to the students. We believe that candidates taking UGC NET Psychology coaching from us must know the notifications, latest news, and important dates related to their exams. We focus on the individual requirements of the students and guide them accordingly. Our techniques and tips assure impressive scores to the students appearing for UGC NET exams.